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Monday, November 21, 2005

homo for the holidays

Hello OMP Folks!

Tomorrow, November 22nd is OMP!’s Homo for the Holidays!!! Homo for the Holidays will feature food, movies, games and holiday crafts!!! We would like everyone coming to bring food and holiday crafts if they have any. Don’t let not having food stop you from showing up though.
We will be meeting from 6-9 at Jim’s house, who is nice enough to open up his house for this event. Jim lives at 300 Kenyon Apt M3. But then there is the question on how to get there and were leaving that up to you. You can go directly to Jim's, but do to the limited parking, please park at on the road or you can meet us at 5:30 at UCAN and we can all car pool down together.

Directions to Jim’s House.

Jim lives at 300 Kenyon St. Apt M3. Jim lives in the Olympic Heights Apartments in the M building. We suggest using www.mapquest.com for directions especially if you are coming from a place other then UCAN. Otherwise here are directions to Jim's House from UCAN: Go west on Harrison until you come to Kenyon Street. Turn right on Kenyon. Go straight down the street until you come to Olympic Heights. Once you are on Olympic Heights you take a right and drive down the drive way around the complex until you see building M. Jims apartment is M-3 and it’s on the bottom. Jim's number is 360-357-4017 incase you get lost.

* Also don’t forget, Coffee Talk: an Oral Tradition is on the 29th with special guest Michael Waggener. Come meet us for coffee and to hear stories from our queer history. Plus we will have exciting door prizes!! We will be meeting at Olympia Coffee from 5:30 to 7:30.


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