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Friday, October 07, 2005

Dirrections to sushi night

What better way to ease into conversation back sex and relationships than learning how to roll sushi?

Jim, who so nicely offered to let us use his house for the event, lives at 300 Kenyon Apt M3. But then there is the question on how to get there and were leaving that up to you. You can ether meet us at Jim's house or you can meet us at UCAN 6:30 to car pool together. Jim's place has limmited parking so you would have to park on the road before his complex. If these dirrections are not clear we suggest ether using map quest or calling us at UCAN.

Dirrections to Jim's House from UCAN:

Go west on Harrison until you come to Kenyon Street. Turn right on Kenyon. Go straight down the street untill you come to Olympic Hights. Once you are on Olympic Hights you take a right and drive down the drive way around the complex until you see building M. Jims apartment is m-3 and its on the bottom. Jim's number is 360-357-4017 incase you get lost.


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