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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

movie night on Thursday

Halloween is coming up! Keeping with the spirit of the season us at Olympia Men's Project have decide to find a gay horror movie movie for a monthly movie night. This turned out being harder then we expected when we realized the movies we had planned on showing weren't out yet. Still for your viewing pleasure we managed to tract downThe Wolves of Kromer, a film about gay werewolves. Now, how often do you get to see one of those? We will be meeting to watch the film at 7:00 at UCAN. Pop corn and hot chocolate will be provided.

Also keep in mind, next Monday, October 10th, is our next sushi night sex discussion!! We will be meeting from 7-9 at Jim's house. Give us a call if you need directions or more information. Where else can you go this Monday to eat sushi and discuss sex and relationships with a group of gay/bi/trans/queer guys?

Its a little ways off but I wanted to let everyone know that we have a theme for this months themed bar outreach so we can start gathering costumes. He is a message from Nick, our themed outreach coordinator.

Hey boys! Guess what you get to dress up as on the 29Th of the month???? Keep Guessing- BOY SCOUTS! Because nothing is as much fun as dressing up and going scouting for boys!!! Meet us at (location to be announced) for pumpkin carving and potluck at 5pm and stay on and dress each other up./ we’ll make condom merit badges, patches for our shirts and what ever else comes to mind!

That's all for now. Give us a call (352-2375) or email if you want more information about anything. Also remember to check our blog for updates. http://olympiamensproject.blogspot.com/.

We hope everyone is having a great week and that we see you on Thursday.



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