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Friday, August 26, 2005

update from core group


Howdy. Here is partial calendar we made up at the core group meeting last night.

September 1st, Thursday- Movie Night. We are going to watch A Dirty Shame, the new film from John Waters!!! Call for location.

September 5th, Monday- Flier making party!! We will be meeting in our office during normal office hours to hang out and work on OMP publicity as a group!!

September 8th, Thursday- Core group! same story as always. Hang out with awesome guys and plan the direction of OMP! 6-8 at UCAN.

September 10th, Saturday- David's Garage Sell. Not an OMP event, but something you should still know about.

September 15th, Thursday- GVHP's Gender Smash!! 8-12 at Manium.

September 18th, Saturday- We did this last year and it raised a lot of money and awareness of OMP and it was fun! 11-5 in the UCAN parking lot.

September 21st, Wednesday- Capital City Pride Meeting

September 22nd, Thursday- Core Group

September 29th, Thursday- Gay Skating (probably, we haven't booked it)

Other events we discussed planning were.

Same Sex Swing Dancing
Trying to rent out the Mark
Having a trip to village.
guerilla Bar take over
Vanity Workshop
Health and Wellness Workshop

We also discussed doing theme outreach at local gay bars. We would all meet and get dressed up together and then head out to get information about OMP and safer sex out into the community.
Ideas were.

farm boys
butt rockers
80's bands

Let us know what you think would be the best theme for bar outreach next month.


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