Olympia Men's Project

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Hey OMP! Here is our calender for the end of July and August. Expect stuff to get added or chainged as we iron out the month. Always feel free to call, 352-2375 , or email us, mpowermentoly@yahoo.com, if you have any questions.

7/28 core group 6-8
7/29 lube wrestling 8-10 at call for directions
8/2 HIV Vaccines Workshop at UCAN
8/4 Male Body Image Discussion 7-9 at UCAN
8/7 Lake Cushman Adventure meet at 11am at UCAN
8/11 Core group 6-8 at UCAN
8/13 Cave adventure, call for more information
8/18 Movie Night at Off The Chain 7-9
8/22 Gay Boy Glamor Shots, call for information
8/25 Core Group 6-8 at UCAN

We also have office hours every Monday and Friday from 3-7.


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