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Monday, August 01, 2005

HIV Vaccination Workshop at UCAN

Gay City Health Project’s Alfredo Lopez will present a workshop on the HIV vaccine trials currently happening in Seattle and how they relate to the lives of young gay and bi men. Despite the availability and success of HIV treatment drugs in the US, the best long-term leaves hope for controlling the AIDS epidemic worldwide is the development of safe, effective and affordable preventative HIV vaccines. The workshop will contextualize vaccines into the larger idea of HIV prevention. HIV vaccines, microbicide research and advances in condoms and lube will be discussed. This workshop is being put on my Olympia Men’s Project and will happen on Tuesday August 2nd from 7-9 pm at UCAN. - 147 Rogers St. NW.

For more information call or email OMP at 352-2375 or at mpowermentoly@yahoo.com.


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