Olympia Men's Project

Friday, August 19, 2005


Hey OMP,
We didn't end up having our monthly movie night this month due to Gender Smash at Off the Chain. We were invited to attend a Outdoor Movie Night at Dalyas, Stonewall's Executive Directors, House. Here is the directions and times for you to be there. It should be lots of fun since the movie is being shown on a large screen in her backyard.

I'm hosting an outdoor movie in my backyard this Friday night, the 19th, from 10pm to midnight. We'll be watching Over The Edge, a cult classic from 1979 with a very young Matt Dillon....it's a rebel youth story that takes place in midwest suburbia. Basically the kids there are completely bored and partying because there's nothing else there for them to do. When the adults close down their recreation center and want to build some big business.......the youth fight back! I think it's based on a true story. it's sort of violent and there's a lot of drug use, but it's a classic and totally inspirational.I live on 1515 5th Ave. SW.......it's on the westside, on 5th between Thomas and Decatur. Bring blankets and snacks......I'll make popcorn........and if you're not a stonewall youth or OMP! member, please donate $1-5. thanks.

If you have any questions, respond to this e-mail or give us a call at 352-2375 or stop by for office hours, 3-7pm tomorrow!!


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