Olympia Men's Project

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Help with yahoo personals

does any one have a yahoo personals account and know how to upload photos? OMP's account needs help bad. no offence scot but really, I think their is a reason no one has responded. I you are good with such things please let us know 352-2375 or mpowermentoly@yahoo.com

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

OMP! update


This is first off a reminder that the core group meeting that was scheduled for Thursday has been moved to May 5th. Thursday is Dine Out For Life, one of UCAN's major fund raisers, and Stonewall's Birthday fund raiser at Jakes. Instead of having a normal meeting, we are meeting up at 12:00 to have lunch at Darbie's and to support Dine Out for Life.

Also, we wanted to remind everyone about the zoo trip we are having this Saturday, April 30th. We are all meeting at 12:00 at UCAN and Carpooling together to Tacoma. The cost for the Zoo is 8.75 a person. Let us know if you would like to go but can't afford it.

OMP! is having a sushi making party/sex discussion on Monday, May 22nd from 6-9 at Joseph's house. This will be the follow up to the OMP! session we had on Monday, April 18th and should be similar to the sex talk barbecues. It would be awesome if all the guys in OMP! could go to this. If you plan on coming and want directions to Joseph's house please call or email us.

If you want more information about anything please give us a call 352-2375 or email.

We hope everyone is doing well.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Update and schedule for May


After a productive and exciting core group meeting we now have a tentative schedule for May!!!

April 28th- Core group moved to May 5th due to Dine out for Life and Stonewall's Birthday Fundraiser being on the same night. Dine out for Life is a fundraiser for UCAN where certain restaurants give a portion of their profits for the day to UCAN. Some of us are meeting at 10:30 at Darby's. Stonewall Youth is having a carnival themed benefit at Jakes from 7-11pm that night. This should be a " night of music, dancing, burlesque, drag, fire dancers, stilk walkers, and much more!'

May 5th- Core Group meeting 6-8pm

May 12th- Core Group meeting 6-8pm

May 15th- Bird Watching!! Being organized and lead by Tom! We are all meeting at 12:00 at UCM and then carpooling.

May 19th- Movie Night at Off the Chain 7-9pm

May 23rd- Potluck at David's House! Meet at 7:00

May 26th- Core group meeting

Monday, April 11, 2005

Nature stroll a success!

A big wonderful hug (and a kiss if you want it) to everyone who came to the nature stroll at McClane Creek last sunday. Shame on everyone else. No, just kidding. No shame on anybody.

Anyway, we had a great time mincing around the forest and talking about nature and stuff, you know. John and Joseph bought lunch and we had a fabulous picnic by the stream. I gave everyone a lesson in plant sexual anatomy, not quite as exciting as some other organisms' anatomy but still hot in a strange, botanical sort of way, and much more socially acceptable. Know what I mean? Oh, nevermind!

We saw:
  • Trilliums
  • Wood ducks
  • Licorice fern (tasty!)
  • Bleeding hearts (tragic!)
  • Violets
  • Skunk cabbage (stinky!)
  • Decomposing salmon skeletons (icky!)
  • Big tree stumps
  • Salmonberry
  • Bedstraw (sticky!)
  • A beaver pond and dam
  • Willows
  • Bear tracks
  • Joseph the bridge troll (silly!)
  • And lots more!
It was fabulous. Next time, perhaps we shall head to the prairies to see all the wildflowers blooming on the mysterious Mima mounds and get serenaded by the sounds of gunshots from the rifle range next door. How romantic.

Until next time, OMPonauts.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Nature stroll on Sunday

Hello OMP!

This is reminder about the nature stroll and picnic Cody is organizing for this Sunday, April 12. We are going to meet up at 12:00 at UCAN and then car pool down to McClain Park. We will even provide picnic food and Cody will teach us about plants!! As always, if you want more information respond to this email or call us at 352-2375.

My bud Nadia, who cohosted drag bingo as Fatty Brown is putting on a queer cabaret! I'm reposting her message.

hey dudes.so as you might know or may not know I'mdeveloping a queer cabaret, with the help of somegood people and I need some more help. I'm tryingto throw a benefit show/party for the cabaret buti'm having a problem finding a good free venue, ifanyone has any ideas of where I might be able todo that please let me know my new number is786-5779 (it won'y be hooked up until friday) and also...........we're auditioning for more singers, dancers, andmusicians (especially pianio players who can sightread) and you should totally come. Auditions willbe held at the midnight sun @7pm on tuesday the12th of april. I think this is going to be one ofthe funnest things Olympia has seen for a whileand you should really get involved if you want tocause.... yeah. anyway thanks peeps.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

EQA Drag Ball

The EQA is having another drag ball on April 29th and needs performers!! The drag ball is on a Friday night and goes from 8-12. Alaina, one of the EQA's coordinators called to tell me they are in need of drag queens. If you are interested in performing you can email Alaina at alainahell@hotmail.com or call the EQA's office (the number is online on Evergreen's webpage).

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Movie/discussion night this Thursday!!


We are having a movie discussion night this Thursday, April 7th! We will meet at 7:00 at Off the Chain and stay until 9 or so. This event is being organized by Nick.

Also, OMP! has little business size calendar's for the month of April. Feel free to stop by and get one so you can allways see what's happening with OMP!

Also, we are always in need of people to help us flier and advertise!! If you have some extra time, or are going to places that could use some OMP! information anyway, please contact us or stop by during office hours.

OMP! is always looking for new ideas and events. Let us know if you want to organize and OMP! event. We are allways open to such things as discussions, workshops, game nights, adventures and what ever else we can think of.