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Friday, April 08, 2005

My bud Nadia, who cohosted drag bingo as Fatty Brown is putting on a queer cabaret! I'm reposting her message.

hey dudes.so as you might know or may not know I'mdeveloping a queer cabaret, with the help of somegood people and I need some more help. I'm tryingto throw a benefit show/party for the cabaret buti'm having a problem finding a good free venue, ifanyone has any ideas of where I might be able todo that please let me know my new number is786-5779 (it won'y be hooked up until friday) and also...........we're auditioning for more singers, dancers, andmusicians (especially pianio players who can sightread) and you should totally come. Auditions willbe held at the midnight sun @7pm on tuesday the12th of april. I think this is going to be one ofthe funnest things Olympia has seen for a whileand you should really get involved if you want tocause.... yeah. anyway thanks peeps.


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